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Naxos Prime Bar

Naxos Prime Bar

The famous and notorious party bar in Naxos and the place that makes people come back to the island of Naxos every year.

Prime Bar exists since 1998 when it was opened by the owner and craziest bartender on the island: Yiannis Athanasakis. Since that day Prime Bar became famous in Scandinavia as the place where Scandinavians meet. Because of the party ambiance, which is always present, it soon attracted people of all nationalities and now you will dance with friends of all kinds of countries.

In the daytime you can have your breakfast in Prime. In the afternoon it is a beautiful place to have a drink before dinner, because of the big terrace right on the boulevard of Naxos-town. When daylight falls, we switch on the lights inside, turn up the volume, and from that moment we are ready to rock you. The music we play is basically what you decide: all famous Scandinavian songs are played, Eminem and his friends step by and the guys from Metallica and Lenny Kravitz show their faces as well on most of the nights.


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