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K. Kapiris Real Estate Naxos

K. Kapiris Real Estate Naxos

The architect, Mr. Kapiris, has proved over the years that he treats the traditional style with respect but also with a spirit of renewal. He has pledged himself to create buildings of every type and size which are an ideal combination of the latest modern requirements and specifications together with the skills of the traditional craftsmen. So, in this way, making use of the local materials {wood and stone} and the way they look, he attains the highest aesthetic standard, and with care and responsibility follows the job through from the first pencil line until the last stone is laid.

Contact info:
Kapiris Konstantinos, architect
Kapiri Rodiani, civil engineer
Tel. (0030) 22850 - 24670, 22908, 29355
Fax. 2285023276


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