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Naxos Massage & Physiotherapy

Naxos Massage & Physiotherapy

Massage & Physiotherapy from Mrs Susann Buerger

Therapy varieties

1. Physiotherapy
2. Chiropractic (Manual therapy)
3. Massage (therapeutic or relaxing)
4. Osteopathy
5. Trigger point therapy

Diploma 09/’93 Germany
Registered in Greece

All kinds are done by hand.

Every treatment starts with a check up, so we find out what’s the best therapy for you. Most times it’s a mix of our varieties. You will be released from your pain in one or a few treatments. Included are some tips and exercises, to keep the results.

We keep helping in any case…fresh or old (sports-) accidents, lumbago, Tinnitus, Migraine, Arthritis, shoulder or knee problems, stiffness at neck or back, Pinged Nerves (ischias etc.)
Tel: 0030 6976214832

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