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Halki Naxos

Halki Naxos

Set in the valley of Tragea and covered in seemingly endless olive groves and fruit orchards. Here, the Venetian towers of Gratsia and Barotsi rise unexpectedly from the rolling countryside and there are several interesting Byzantine churches. These include Agios Georgios Diasoritis (11th century) and Damiotissa (11th century). Both have delightful frescoes. You can also visit a distillery which produces a citrus-based liqueur (somewhere between lemon and orange) - and tastings are, of course, possible. There is also a pottery studio. Feel free to wander the paths which criss-cross the olive plantations and the orchards. Nearby is the church of Panagia Drossiani (6th century), the oldest on the island, endowed with a very individual architectural style.


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